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About Us

We are a private personal training and certification college that also provides professional private training to the public at a lower cost. Why hire expensive trainers or teachers when you could hire the teachers of those trainers for less? Why get an expensive online open book no experience certification when you can get a complete practical and academic education for less?

Did you know that 80-90% of Personal Trainers fail within the first two years.

This is not an online course! This is a comprehensive 2 nights a week 3-month practical and academic course of study at our private college and

training facility!

"How can you succeed at a job that depends on practical hands-on experience if you are only tested on your open book online knowledge? "Interview with TNIOE exposing the myths and claims about online certifications.

We believe that both exercise and going to college can be frustrating, confusing, time consuming, boring, draining and fearful; However after training and learning from us you will feel enlightened, enriched, efficient, empowered, motivated and safe!

We don't change you.

We transform you by knowing the way, going the way, showing the way, and getting out of your way!

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